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Mountain Falls Imaging and Quick Care
1995 E 17th Street
Idaho Falls, ID 83404
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Quick Care...It Really Is!

What is Mountain Falls Quick Care?

Mountain Falls Quick Care is your locally owned walk-in and family practice clinic dedicated to making your visit quick, affordable, and satisfying.   Our clinic is designed for you.  Whether you are coming in for stitches, a sore throat, flu-like symptoms, injury or illness, our time is yours. We make sure to put you first! Our board certified medical professionals are here to listen and make sure you feel understood so you can receive the best health care possible. We promise immediate health care with short wait times so you can get in and out of our clinic and back to your busy day as fast as possible.  Think you may need an x-ray?  We have full digital x-ray on site.  That means you get less radiation which is healthier and safer for you.  No more long waits for an x-ray. Our technologists can do it for you right here. We also accept Medicare and most insurance to help keep your costs low. For those without insurance we have reasonable cash pay discounts payment plans. Mountain Falls Quick Care is here for you!

Our Story

In 2014, Cauleen Stradling founded Mountain Falls Quick Care out of her love for taking x-rays and caring for people. A 20+ year veteran radiologic technologist, she has a passion for all things photographic, and she considers taking x-rays the ultimate in photography! She has worked in urgent care clinics for over 20 years and decided that founding Mountain Falls Quick Care could really benefit the people of Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas. She has been able to create a clinic that has what other medical facilities in the area lack:

True, digital x-ray. It uses less radiation and is much safer for the patient. Besides, it gives the clearest pictures available!

Very short wait times to see a provider. Cauleen streamlined the check-in process so it’s much, much faster. Average wait time in our waiting room is less than 5 minutes. Yes, 5 minutes! Compare that to other clinics in the area that make you wait for 2 hours or more.

A staff that truly cares about people and is willing to listen including competent medical providers who take the time to address your concerns and get to know you.

Lower costs than other local clinics and more flexible financing.

Because Mountain Falls Quick Care is 100% family owned, and not hospital based, our fees are much lower, and we have the flexibility to truly make your urgent care experience a pleasant one. No one likes being sick, but having someone wrap a handmade quilt around you while you get your IV, or take a couple of minutes to visit with you while you wait for lab results can really make you feel like you matter here, and that’s what Mountain Falls Quick Care is all about.

Come see what a difference a family owned urgent care can make for you. We think you’ll love it!

1995 E. 17th Street

Idaho Falls, ID. 83404

Open: 9am-8pm Mon.-Sat.

Call: (208)357-9193

Fax:  (208)357-9173