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Quick Care...It Really Is!

Did you know there are A LOT of services that your insurance company may cover and not actively tell you about?

Here are a few deals that we've come across that you may qualify for at little or no cost! (like FREE!)

Allergy Testing and Treatment

$6,000+ worth of testing and treatment for allergens you come across every day here in Idaho is often FREE to you!  We even have the coupons to get EPI Pens at a HUGE discount.  (Sometimes they are FREE too!)  

Here at Quick Care, we do the testing without even breaking the skin, so if you've ever even WONDERED if you MIGHT be allergic to cats, dogs, etc., come in and find out for sure.  This deal is just too good to pass up!

Flu Shot

Yes, your insurance company will most likely pay for this too, like FREE!  I'd rather have a tiny (and we do mean tiny) flu shot than miss 2 weeks of work being violently ill with fever and chills any time, how about you?  If you've ever had influenza, you know how much benefit this freebie is!  Getting your flu shot at Quick Care is really fast, and you'll hardly feel it.  We promise!


MOST insurance companies will give you a FREE wellness physical every year.  They make you jump through some hoops though, so here is how you can make sure to claim this benefit:

1)  You only get ONE each year.

2)  When you come in to Quick Care, be sure to tell the provider that you are here for your yearly wellness physical.  If you start your visit this way, they can document in your chart that this was the reason for your visit.  It really does help the insurance company to see that you are claiming your rightful benefits!  

Honestly, who wouldn't want to see the insurance company have to honor this one?!!!  You PAY dearly for your health insurance.  Be sure to use this benefit!

USE IT OR LOSE IT.  Either way, you have already paid for it.  

So, now you've discovered some of the FREE things that you might qualify for at QUICK CARE.  What are you waiting for?  GO IN TODAY and claim these fantastic freebies!  

For more detailed information on each of these offers, please contact us here at Quick Care (208-357-9193) or call your insurance provider for questions about your specific policy.